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La porte de votre sécurité
De deur van uw veiligheid
The door of your security
La puerta de vuestra seguridad

Position detection

Contact Magnétique Réglable DMC-21

Adjustable magnetic contact DMC-21

Magnetic contact switch to be slotted, specially designed for door signalling.

The switches and magnets are placed eccentrically in the copper housings to make fine-tuning possible and easier.

The two parts are slotted facing each other in holes drilled beforehand in the doorframe and trim.

Technical characteristics:

Drilling diameter: 21mm

Visible side diameter: 24mm

Flush fitting depth:

Maximum separation: 7 mm in metal frames

Admissible voltage: 24 VDC / 500 mA

Standard: IP 68

Dust proof (protection against dust penetration)

Protected against permanent immersion (the material is suitable for extended immersion in water under the conditions specified by the manufacturer. This degree of protection characterises an airtight material).