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La porte de votre sécurité
De deur van uw veiligheid
The door of your security
La puerta de vuestra seguridad

Joint and mobile wiper

Joint de frappe pour portes et raclettes mobiles à double ajustage.

Strike joints for doors

PE – Thermoplastic elastomer in compact material with mechanical and thermal properties. This material resists ageing, bad weather, extreme temperatures, UV rays and the ozone; can be used in all areas of construction.


To be glued on the rabbet of the leaf.

Clean well the surface on which it will be affixed to ensure flawless adhesion.


Per 50-metre roll.

Built-in mobile wiper.

Double-adjustment wiper. (Height – tilt)

Omega-shaped section

Mobile part fitted with a sealing joint.

Command button of the mechanism in brass, hexagonal shape, with slot for adjustment.

Tilt adjusting screw in brass with slot for adjustment.

Two return springs.

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene M-class rubber) joint

Standard lengths in cm:

43, 53, 63, 73, 83, 93, 103, 113, 123, 133.

Maximum authorised cut length: 10 cm.