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La porte de votre sécuritéDe deur van uw veiligheidThe door of your securityLa puerta de vuestra seguridad

Our showroom


Zoning Industriel de Ghislenghien

Chemin de Preuscamps 16 à 7822 Ghislenghien Belgique

Tel : +32 (0)68 26 66 10
Fax : +32 (0)68 26 66 19
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Welcome to G-Block, Quality Security Specialisté

Are you looking for a “customised” solution while staying within your budget?  The G-Block range of doors has been a proponent of this philosophy since 1980!

G-Block places at your disposal all its expertise and professionalism in the manufacturing of its products.  Thanks to such skills and expertise, G-Block products serve as reference for many fitters of security steel doors. 

You can visit our showroom in Ghislenghien where our advisers will be delighted to show you a range of sober or sophisticated products which are, first and foremost, always user-friendly, practical and resistant!

Gblock Ghislenghien Ath AccueilGblock Ghislenghien Ath AccueilGblock Ghislenghien Ath Accueil


G-Block has been making high-security doors for several decades – always heedful to the requirements of and trends on the market.  We capitalise on the input of our many partners to develop our security products efficiently for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our wish in all our systems is for our doors to fit harmoniously in their environment - something that can have a surprise effect in an attempt to break into a house.