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La porte de votre sécurité
De deur van uw veiligheid
The door of your security
La puerta de vuestra seguridad

G-Block grids for doors and windows

Customized G-Block grids

Doors and windows are without doubt the most important in a building. These openings, when they are glazed, are elements of balance and harmony. Their positions and dimensions go far beyond the strictly utilitarian aspect. A desire for illumination, for aesthetism is frequently attached to them.

Unfortunately, there is often a weak point in terms of security... That is why bars and grills are very frequently used. Most often in rolled metal sections as these are sturdy and modern solutions which allow an ostensible gain in security.

To respond to all your demands, G-block can realise different types of grills to measure corresponding as closely as possible to your specifications.


To meet continued demand, we have specialised in the fabrication of personalised metal multimedia terminals for intensive use, and taking advantage of our experience in the field of security, we design them to be vandal and petty crime resistant while retaining the design and the ergonomy required for this type of product.