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La porte de votre sécuritéDe deur van uw veiligheidThe door of your securityLa puerta de vuestra seguridad

About G-Block

Since 1980, G-Block products have served as a reference to many manufacturers and fitters of security metal doors.

These manufacturers and fitters are from different origins: manufacturers of passive safety material, locks and cylinders, locksmiths, glaziers, carpenters, fitters of frames, alarms, fire-proof material, …

Further to the extension of its activities and the continuous use of new technologies, G-Block moved to Ghislenghien zoning in 1994. This new settlement allowed the company to keep its quality high while respecting fire-proof, anti-theft, bullet-proof and intensive use standards and certifications. But above all answer requests from clients always looking for customized products.   

Since then, the range of products has been expanding in parallel with the modernization of the production tool.

Products are tested in recognized and independent professional centres in more extreme conditions than what might happen.

Today, G-Block is mainly specialized in the manufacturing of all types of customized metal doors and security doors representing the major part of its turnover. G-Block is constantly seeking to improve its working procedures and listening to its employees.

In a few words, G-Block expects from its employees: efficiency, customer service follow-up, and a perfect collaboration.

Thanks to all that, G-Block provides you with quality products, both innovative and competitive.

Mission – G-Block Values

G-Block over time

Created in 1992, the G-Block limited company was initially an import-export trading company specialized in security products.

Its clients have always been exclusively professionals.

To answer the needs of its clients who always wanted customized and personalized products, G-Block installed a metallic joinery workshop in Ghislenghien. Its turnover is around 2 million euros.

G-Block is active in the manufacturing of all types of customized swing doors.             

A part of G-Block products fits highly specific or personalized requests worldwide.

These last years, G-Block specialized in construction sites requesting a high qualification in different sectors, and a broad flexibility.

Relying on its know-how, its experience and its financial means, the company can straight away answer any customized request.

The success sustainability of the company relies on a philosophy which puts the client and the market at the centre of G-Block attention. With a team of 10 direct collaborators on Ghislenghien site, G-Block collaborates with more than 200 subcontractors and free-lance fitters.


On January 1st, 1992, Miguel and Santiago Gonzalez create the G-Block limited company.

In 1994, G-Block settles in Ghislenghien and starts its activity as metal doors manufacturer.

On October 6th, 1995, first tests done on the RF 30’ door, flame resistance and stability superior to 66’, heat insulation 31’.

In May 1996, burglar resistance certificate obtained according to NF P 20 320 and NF P 20 306 standards.

On December 12th, 1996, Mr. Gonzalez receives the authorization of fire-proof doors fitter.

In October 1997, first Benor-Atg certificate for E-10 RF 30 doors.

In March 2000, burglar resistance certificate delivered by Bosec according to ENV 1627 standard.

In February and March 2001, FSG and Kalashnikov ballistic tests.

In 2004, exclusive introduction on the Belgian market of XA1 key cylinders, protected against unlawful duplicating.

In 2005, beginning of the C-30 and C-60 campaign, new range of fire-proof doors and, optionally, burglar-resistant doors.

On October 25th, 2005, FB5 ballistic tests.

In January 2006, certification of I Series, C-30 and C-60, answering EN1627 class III prescriptions.

In May 2006, sound reduction certificate -42 dB of G-Block doors.

In December 2006, introduction of the G-environment programme.

2010, introduction of a new generation of “Lince C5” cylinder and certification of thermal performances according to the NBC B 62-002 standard: Uw = 1563 W/m2K.

2012, certification of thermal performances according to NBN B 62-002 standard: Uw = 0.66 W/m2K.

Since 2013, all our doors can be produced in inox.

2014, doors covering with decorative vinyls.

G-Block enlarges its production in all RAL colours in 2015 and reinvents itself with LC and C-30 LC series, satisfying FB6 and FB7 ballistic requirements.

As from 2016, G-Block has been looking for solutions for a new range of doors satisfying EI1 30 and 60 norms with extrapolation towards EI 120 agreements.

The same year, new generation of C6 adjustable cylinders and W protected keys.

In 2017, certification of thermal performances according to NBN B 62-002 standard: Uw = 0.89 W/m2K.

Objective 2018, more intense collaboration with other door makers, for construction site doors, class II and EI1 60, creation of the new SE Serie “cleaned structure door” and finalization of the fourth version of its internet site.

Looking forward 2019: setting up of an application for direct order.