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La porte de votre sécuritéDe deur van uw veiligheidThe door of your securityLa puerta de vuestra seguridad

Armoured doors
Series AN Class II

The basis of your protection

Series of simple but high performance doors. This series earned class II in burglar resistance tests according to EN 1627 Standards with a 3-point locking mechanism.

Security door
52 mm thick leaf, assembled with two 10/10 galvanized steel plates, assembled without welding. Inner insulation made of polyurethane foam.
Security lock embedded. Possibility of closing at three or five points.
Brass or nickel safety cylinder (30x45), supplied with 3 keys.
Hardware: cylinder guard and knob fixed outside, plate of property with latch inside.
Two steel hinges with a 3-way adjustment, and two anti-lift bolts.
Frame 15/10, with rubber seal, to ensure a tight and smooth closure. All this gives the door high mechanical strength.

Door Leaf



All our doors at the exit of our workshops are pre-painted RAL 9010.

On demand we can paint in stuctured liquid "M" RAL to define

  • Primer painting in RAL 9010
  • RAL subject to the availability of our suppliers
  • If this door is exposed to the sun, we strongly advise against using a dark color