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La porte de votre sécuritéDe deur van uw veiligheidThe door of your securityLa puerta de vuestra seguridad

Bullet-proof doors
Series BRFB6

This series represents the resistant leaf structure that can meet the requirements of institutions that run a very high risk of armed attack.

This door meets the EN 1522 – 1523 / FB6 standard, entitled bullet-proof construction. Tests carried out by the Royal Military Academy.

Sound attenuation by the CSTC that meets the EN ISO 140-3 and 717-1 standards Rw = 42 dB.

G-Block has obtained several ballistic resistance certifications, according to the European standard 1522. These tests were all carried out at the Royal Military School of Belgium, by the chair of weapons systems and ballistics. These certifications cover the most common weapons and classifications required mainly by the banking sector and administrations.
The most common locks for this series are the EZ-9040 or WH AV3, along with the Al x U stainless steel hardware.

Door Leaf


Standard leaf

Door with one or two steel leaves, with covering on three sides, ±60 mm in thickness, consisting of a solid, double-wall panel, made of two zinc plated steel sheets with a thickness of 15/10 per leaf.  The internal insulation consists of high density rock wool.



All our doors at the exit of our workshops are pre-painted RAL 9010.

On demand we can paint in stuctured liquid "M" RAL to define

  • Primer painting in RAL 9010
  • RAL subject to the availability of our suppliers
  • If this door is exposed to the sun, we strongly advise against using a dark color


Wood imitation vinyl finish

All our doors at the exit of our workshops are pre-painted RAL 9010.

On request we can cover them with vinyl wood look or fantasy, to be defined.

For more informations on the possibilities :




Tubular frame

Tubular frame

When the wall has a door rabbet, the most suited solution is a tubular frame housed in the interior space of the bay. This type of frame is made of tube sections of minimum 60x60x3.
The strip is obtained from cold-bent, zincplated sheets and a 20/10 section.




G-Block model E-21

Lock with 4 anchoring and multi-point (on four sides) for European cylinder.

  • European cylinder lock (10 teeth gear) and latch
    • Latch locked by sensor when the leaf is slammed
  • Central dead bolt formed by 4 anchoring points of Ø 18
    • The stroke of this element is 40 mm, 1 turn
  • Deflection mechanism for the top, back and bottom
  • Backset: 90 mm; case size: 85 mm; follower: 8 mm
  • Square front stainless steel plate 40/10, 35 x 400 mm
  • Strike plate non included
    • G-Block escutcheon assembly
  • Other possibilities from this central housing:
    • Mod. E-22 : an additional hook deflector at +/-700 mm to the top from the central housing. And no bottom anchoring.
    • Mod. E-23 : two additional hook deflectors at +/-700 mm, one towards the top and one towards the bottom from the central housing.
    • Mod. E-23.4 : two additional hook deflectors at +/-700 mm, one towards the top and one towards the bottom from the central housing, and two at +/- 350 mm.



Eskurra model 9040

Multi point lock (10 at the front side) for European cylinder.

  • European cylinder lock (PZ - bit of 15) with reversible latch
  • Central dead bolt made of 4 round steel bolts of Ø 16 mm, and two series of three cylindrical bolts of Ø 16 mm, at ± 645 mm towards the top and the bottom from the central housing
    • Total: 10 round steel bolts
    • The stroke of this central element is 40 mm, 4 turns
  • Backset: 70 mm; case size: 85 mm; follower: 8 mm
  • U front stainless steel plate 25/10, 6+24+6 x 1910 mm
  • Strike plate non included
    • Eskurra escutcheon assembly



Wink Haus model STV AV3

Automatic multi-point locking system for European cylinder.

  • European cylinder lock (PZ - bit of 15) with latch
  • A central dead bolt of 20 x 35 x 8 mm
    • The stroke of this element is 20 mm, 1 turn
  • Two releasable hooks of 21 x 35 x 10 mm.
    • At ± 700 mm towards the top and towards the bottom from the central housing
    • Automatic mechanical locking of the two hooks
      • Static or magnetic trigger
  • As long as the lock is not locked with the key, it can be opened with the handle or an anti-panic bar
  • Backset: 60 mm; case size: 92 mm; follower: 8 mm
  • U front stainless steel plate 25/10, 8+24+8 x 2100 mm
  • Strike plate non included
    • DIN hardware fitting

General description


Automatic multi-point locking system for doors
The autoLock AV3 from Winkhaus is an automatic multi-point locking system with independently acting hooks. By pulling the door closed, the sealing hooks and security hooks are triggered by means of a magnetic release located on the frame and the door is secured against uninvited entry. This ensures that the door is securely locked and remains tightly in the door frame even without any additional locking.
The hooks and latch can easily be retracted manually using the locking cylinder or door handle.
Magnetic release
The magnetic release, located in the centre keep, activates the triggering of the automatic locking and thereby prevents damage to the door frame and minimises the sound of the automatic locking system.
Security and Sealing hooks
The AV3 steel hooks always completely engage when the door is closed automatically ensuring complete claw engagement behind the keep thereby preventing the door and frame from being forced apart. In addition, the hooks are automatically secured against being pushed back. This means that AV3 ensures security without additional locking of the door by means of the key.
Additional security thanks to main deadbolt and latch
The main deadbolt can also be retracted by rotating the key 1 revolution (1 x 360°). This process means that the lock is fully secured against opening, which means the handle is blocked. The building can then only be entered or exited when a key is used.
Unlocking the lock is as follows:
  • From the inside with the handle
  • From the outside with the key
  • By motor function via remote control or transponder. (Model EAV3)


Rotating element


Rotating parts

Steel hinges

The leaves are suspended from the frame by means of at least two welded steel hinges with an exterior diameter of 20 mm, they are mounted on ball bearings for great inertia and can open up to 180°. They are moreover designed so that the axle cannot be driven out.




Lince model C5 W

High security Europrofile cylinder with resticted key duplication

  • Certified by the EN 1303:2006 standard in maximum grade.
  • Restricted key copying.
  • Anti-drilling devices: 1 pin in the body and 2 in the rotor, in case-hardened steel.
  • All tumblers, driver pins and springs are made of stainless steel.
  • More than 3 million combinations.
  • 5 thick nickel silver keys 3.5 mm.
  • Finishes: brushed brass and matt nickel.
  • Wide variety of sizes from 32 mm.
  • Property and security card.
  • Basic with 15 mm bit.


  • Available with button on the inside.
  • Available with disengageable function
  • 10 or 13 teeth gear, or bit of 13 mm.

20160616154750.jpg20170425164715.jpg20170425165159.jpgdim C5X_20180717163806.pdf

Cylinder protector


Cylinder protector G-Block Mod. Al

Stainless steel protection mounted on armored plate.

  • Protective rosette for European profile mounted on an armoured plate.
  • Central body in stainless steel.
  • The body of the rosette has one opening, fitted with an anti-drilling rotating disc for inserting the key in the cylinder.
  • On the outside, the plate has a bolt and inside a latch.
  • Cannot be dismantled from the outside; fixed solidly through the door.
  • Stainless steel finish.
  • Cylinder protector available for most of DIN locks.