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La porte de votre sécurité
De deur van uw veiligheid
The door of your security
La puerta de vuestra seguridad

Fully motorised multi-point locking system.

Locking and unlocking

The fully motorised blueMotion system impresses due to its powerful automatic locking and unlocking system with two solid hooks and deadbolt driven by a 24-V-motor, which provides optimum weatherseal compression. Access control: the blueMotion locking system can be unlocked via a contactless interface in all standard access control systems or building networks with a potential-free contact. Doors can be opened also mechanically via the profile cylinder or the door handle at any time.

Emergency exit function and fire safety

The blueMotion locking system can be fitted as an authorised model for emergency exits (DIN EN 179) and panic exits (DIN EN 1125), and as an authorised design for fire doors. These functions can be added on as an option to all blueMotion locking systems.

Day/night mode

There is a day service mode in blueMotion for use in business premises doors, for instance, which ensures the hooks are not extended when the door is closed. The door can thus be opened without access control at all times using an electric strike or a roller latch. In contrast, the night service mode locks all components every time the door is closed.

Power supply and accessories

The powerful power supply with 24V/2.5A was developed for connecting the fully-motorised blueMotion security door locking system to an access control system. Additionally, an uninterruptible power supply for hospitals or old people’s homes, for instance, or a rechargeable battery (suitable for emergency exit and escape doors) is available for shortly maintaining the function in case of a power failure. Separable cable transitions and plug ’n’ play solutions (e. g. for finger scanner ekey home integra as well as IDENCOM BioKey INSIDE) considerably facilitate installation and improve efficiency for the manufacturer and the end user. Winkhaus standardly offers access control systems with transponders and hand-held radio transmitters. Winkhaus access control systems offer the possibility of teaching in 85 hand-held radio transmitters or 250 transponder chips by means of a teach/ learn card. Alternatively to the top-hat rail power supply it is possible to use a frame power supply with 24V/1A in order to house the complete cabling in the door unit. Consequently there is less cabling work to be handled at the building site.

Additional options

The blueMotion system is equipped to include an automatic door opener as standard. Controls for another locking system operated by radio transmission, such as control for a garage door opener, can be implemented together with the blueMotion locking system and the Winkhaus dual channel hand-held transmitter. Installation and retrofits Standard milling dimensions, the use of standard keeps and compliance with resistance class 2 in according to DIN EN 1627-30 make it easier to retrofit doors which contain mechanical Winkhaus door locking systems.

The advantages at a glance