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La porte de votre sécurité
De deur van uw veiligheid
The door of your security
La puerta de vuestra seguridad

Wink Haus model STV AV3

Automatic multi-point locking system for European cylinder.

  • European cylinder lock (PZ - bit of 15) with latch
  • A central dead bolt of 20 x 35 x 8 mm
    • The stroke of this element is 20 mm, 1 turn
  • Two releasable hooks of 21 x 35 x 10 mm.
    • At ± 700 mm towards the top and towards the bottom from the central housing
    • Automatic mechanical locking of the two hooks
      • Static or magnetic trigger
  • As long as the lock is not locked with the key, it can be opened with the handle or an anti-panic bar
  • Backset: 60 mm; case size: 92 mm; follower: 8 mm
  • U front stainless steel plate 25/10, 8+24+8 x 2100 mm
  • Strike plate non included
    • DIN hardware fitting

General description


Automatic multi-point locking system for doors
The autoLock AV3 from Winkhaus is an automatic multi-point locking system with independently acting hooks. By pulling the door closed, the sealing hooks and security hooks are triggered by means of a magnetic release located on the frame and the door is secured against uninvited entry. This ensures that the door is securely locked and remains tightly in the door frame even without any additional locking.
The hooks and latch can easily be retracted manually using the locking cylinder or door handle.
Magnetic release
The magnetic release, located in the centre keep, activates the triggering of the automatic locking and thereby prevents damage to the door frame and minimises the sound of the automatic locking system.
Security and Sealing hooks
The AV3 steel hooks always completely engage when the door is closed automatically ensuring complete claw engagement behind the keep thereby preventing the door and frame from being forced apart. In addition, the hooks are automatically secured against being pushed back. This means that AV3 ensures security without additional locking of the door by means of the key.
Additional security thanks to main deadbolt and latch
The main deadbolt can also be retracted by rotating the key 1 revolution (1 x 360°). This process means that the lock is fully secured against opening, which means the handle is blocked. The building can then only be entered or exited when a key is used.
Unlocking the lock is as follows:
  • From the inside with the handle
  • From the outside with the key
  • By motor function via remote control or transponder. (Model EAV3)